Now you can check your vision, at home!

It takes five minutes and it’s completely free!

What is it?

CheckMyVision is a COMPLETELY FREE tool which allows you to check your vision in the comfort of your own home using your tablet, laptop or PC. CheckMyVision will create a personalised report describing your vision and making a series or recommendations about your vision and eye health.

CheckMyVision was developed by Optometrists and Vision Scientists from City University, London.

How does it work?

You will be asked a series of questions about your eyes and any problems that you might be experiencing. After calibrating your screen size, a series of vision tests will be presented on your computer screen. These are fully validated and are very similar to the ones you do when you have an eye test. A friendly voice and simple graphics will guide you through each stage of the test. At the end of the test you will receive a detailed report about your eyes and vision.

CheckMyVision is designed to check your distance and near vision – it does not determine your spectacle prescription and will not necessarily detect eye disease.  It is not an alternative to regular eye examinations by an Optometrist.

What do I do now?

Click on the button below to start your test. You will be asked to enter your postcode and email address then simply follow the instructions on the screen.

The test is COMPLETELY FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION TO BUY OR BOOK ANYTHING. At the end of the test, you will be asked if you wish to receive information and special offers from a local optician. If you say no, that is the end of it. You can repeat the test as often as you like and keep a record of your results in your own on-line portal.

What do I need to do the test?

  • A Desktop or Laptop computer or Tablet (a phone is too small)
  • You will need a room or corridor that is 3m long
  • You will need a tape measure (if you don’t have one you can measure the distance with your feet!)
  • You will need the glasses or contact lenses that you normally wear for reading and looking in the distance
  • For the distance vision test you will either need someone to help you or a phone which you can use as a remote control to enter your responses.